The Willow Oak Terrace

Outdoor Dining Is On It's Way!

Update September 2017
As we end the summer season and have an expectation for the pleasant weather of autumn anticipation for the Willow Oaks Terrace is building. Narrowing down on the completion of the construction, the electricians are installing the light fixtures and fans. Plumbing and gas installation will be occurring soon as well. The granite top to the out door kitchen has gone in and the appliances will be installed soon. The furnishing are arriving as we speak and when installed will really add a very great look.
Here is what the layout will entail and look like:

There is more construction work yet to be done to the structure itself but you will soon see the columns going up and in the next several weeks (weather permitting) that portion will be completed as well.

This project is being time to line up with the new putting green that is due to be installed during the month of September and completes all of the work to the back of the Club House.
Here is the rendering of what the final project will look like with the new putting green and formal lawn sports area:

The most important part is when member can actually begin using the Willow Oaks Terrace.
Our preliminary schedule looks like we will have several October events planned outdoors. Weather has a big say in the schedule and we hope that we have have fair skies and pleasant weather to project completion. When completed and open we hope all will find it to be a great addition to the many options ICYCC has to offer.

Update 08.22.17

Sandblasting of the pad surface is now complete and soon a sealant will be placed over the concrete/aggregate surface to ensure it's longevity.  The landscape plan has now been developed for all planter boxes and we thank Gordon Sheridan for his knowledge and experience in creating the perfect combination of sustainability and beauty for this area.   He and Golf Course Superintendent, Pete Stephens, will soon begin potting and planting away!

Update 07.31.17
Framing for the loggia is underway.  It won't be long until you see furniture arriving and landscape plantings, lighting and a menu launch.

Update 07.18.17
Yesterday proved to be a significant milestone in the Willow Oak Terrace progress as the concrete/aggregate mix was poured.  The crew will return to high power pressure was to expose the aggregate surface. 

Updates 06.29.17

With the start of the project we had inclement weather that delayed things and unfortunately put the project behind schedule. But finally the summer weather pattern has arrived and the Willow Oaks Terrace project has made notable progress. It would be nice to hope that future good weather might allow the project to catch up with some of the lost time. We are keeping our finger crossed!

All of the site preparation and foundation work has been completed. The roughed in utilities and block work of the site are almost done. The brick work should begin fairly soon. If you look at the site you can begin to appreciate the layout of the outdoor kitchen, planter boxes and dining area.

In the late afternoon you can see how well the two willow oaks provide wonderful shade to the entire dining area that will make the experience delightful.

While there is more work yet to go, the thoughts of menus, delicious food, family and friends begin to create great anticipation as we look forward to future happy times that will be the centerpiece of the new Willow Oaks Terrace.

Updates 06.06.17
Weather has been a slight setback, but we are still moving along nicely.   This week the bay window on the rear of the clubhouse will be removed, with a full glass window installed in its place.   The faux window in the kitchen has already been completed in a similar fashion. 

The foyer renovation/enhancement is the major undertaking of this week, as the carpet was removed and new slate tile is being laid as we speak.  This will be installed in two phases with phase one finished by the end of this week, and the remaining flooring done later this month.  Furniture, photos and mirrors are all being ordered during this period as well.

Updates 05.23.17
Aside for rainy days, the site work is in full swing as Norman Construction works to prepare the site foundation and necessary infrastructure work. These are all critical first steps in the projects. We should see the underground utilities, drainage work and structural foundation footers proceed at a brisk pace. You should also expect work on the rear bay windows to re-frame and replace. They are prone to leaks and they extend on the outside well below what will be the new loggia flooring.

The Decor Committee is hard at work on selecting the furnishings and design parameters with the help of the Chambers Group. A similar design process to the Skipjack.

The septic work was the only big issue for the week on the back of the Clubhouse. Typical of a renovation project on an old facility,once the digging started, old pipes were discovered which needed to be replaced. The decision was made to move the septic tank so it wouldn’t interfere with the location of the loggia.

On the front of the clubhouse main dining room entry, the new doors into the dining room were installed and the floor was leveled. 

So please pardon our dust as we work to make the Club a better place for all.

Updates 05.15.17
Local Country Club – Expanding and Embracing Multi-Dining Trends
On May 5, 2017, Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club broke ground on an exciting series of club enhancements and improvements.
ICYCC President Len Hoerneman said “We are excited to kick off this great project. The addition of alfresco dining, an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, loggia and updates to the club house for our members to enjoy will also appeal to prospective new members. We are striving to make ICYCC an exciting place to be. This is in keeping with our vision and mission of creating the right settings for members to enjoy great friendship and good food in this the first of the its kind setting for our Club.”

The Club, one of the largest employers in the Northern Neck, is building on the economic growth the community is experiencing to enhance its property and offer what many come to the Northern Neck searching for, outdoor and social activities centered on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and it’s its tributaries. With the return of per-recession housing values in the tri-cities, more people are buying homes here than in the recent past, and all are looking for an outdoor oasis. This past December, the Club celebrated the one year anniversary of its last major capital project, a complete renovation of its bar and lounge, The Skipjack, which has met with great success. The trend of multiple dining venues is a perfect fit for the club environment, as it supports the club’s mission of creating lifelong friendships. The opportunities to maintain current friendships and to make new friends has have created a greater sense of belonging for all. With the new projects, there will be an even greater opportunity to build relationships among members.
The renovation of the back of the clubhouse and creation of an al fresco/patio dining venue was designed by the architectural firm of McAllister+Foltz and will be completed by Norman Brothers Construction (Mechanicsville). This project is officially underway with a scheduled completion date of August 2017. Visit or the club’s Facebook page to follow the construction progress.

Hoerneman said, “We recognize that ICYCC holds a special place in our community and improves the quality of life for our membership. We take seriously that this is where lifelong friendships are created.”

In addition to the renovations happening to the Club House, the next major project on the drawing board utilizes the convenient location of the Club’s waterfront, directly off the bay. This waterfront amenity will be perfect for members who come either by car or boat. More details as they develop. For membership inquiries, contact Megan Stephens at 804-314-9413.

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