Architectural Master Plan (AMP) Working Group Update
by Al Ross

As you know, the Architectural Master Plan Working Group (AMP WG) has been meeting over the summer and working diligently to develop an overall facilities plan for the next five years and beyond. Thus far, we have refined the list of possible facility upgrades and new amenities to a total of six individual projects.

We have also developed estimated costs for each project with the understanding that firm costs can’t be accurately known until each project has had a professional design and review. Since a professional architect/designer plan will cost between $5-35,000, depending on the complexity of the project, we believe that setting priorities based on a good ballpark estimate for each project, rather than a complete professional design, is the best way to proceed, understanding that some projects are farther along than others in estimating costs.

The six individual projects, not in order of
priority, are:

Marina Pavilion Upgrade
Clubhouse Upgrade

You have expressed your opinions and preferences in the member survey that was recently completed, but we want to make sure that every member has an opportunity to ask questions about each project in person, and to understand some of the planning factors involved. Most importantly, we want to get your input on priorities.

Since the clear message from the survey was that a member assessment or substantial dues increase is not the preferred method to pay for capital projects, we are limited in the methods for financing, which will require sequencing the projects in a well thought out manner.

We will sponsor a series of several meetings in early October at which we will discuss each project and solicit your opinions regarding priorities and timing. The meetings will be held on October 4, 11 and 12 (if a third meeting is required).

The Committee will take your feedback, along with the survey and other factors important to setting priorities for future capital improvement into account as it develops its recommendations to the Board.

I hope you will take the time to attend the October member meetings and be the critical part of the process.

A.L. Ross, Chairman, AMP WG

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